Monday, November 16, 2015

The Battletech Kickstarter and Other Things.....

(Yes I know this is from MechWarrior on-line, but it's a good looking piece, isn't it? I wish I could do that.....)

Well, the Battletech Kickstarter was a smashing success -- smashing as in a company of Atlases smashing through an enemy's defensive line and stomping everything in sight. It hit every monetary and backer mission Harebrained Schemes put up, and even now, it's over $3 million raised.... Congrats, Harebrained on running an engaging and savvy campaign. You knew your audience and knew exactly what they wanted and you gave it to them.

As for me.... well, Battletech writing has taken a back seat to my original writing and NaWriNoMo. I need to make time, but I was bogged down with those things, and NaWriNoMo is winning that fight at the moment.

But all is not lost. One of my stories is in the pipeline -- I'm waiting for the Continuity Hooligans to work the story over and me to make changes. Also, I just pitched for another Battletech project, so if that goes my way, I can start working on that.

Well, that's all for now, just a brief update. More is on the horizon...