Monday, April 30, 2012

Status Update!

I apolgize for my lack of updates for most of the month, but my father is recovering from a major operation, and I have come the designated driver, cook and handyman around the house until he fully recovers. It's cut into my writing time, but it's for a good cause. Family comes first.

I just had my seventeenth BattleCorps story published. Looking at my spreadsheet I use to track my stories pregression, I have had nearly 121,000 words published in those seventeen stories. That's the equvilent of a major novel!

And the future? Looking at the next section of stories I have partially written on my spreadsheet, I have a number of stories, ranging through nearly all the eras. One has only 1,900 words written, while another has over 13,000 words (Have to look at that and see if I can break it into a multi-part story, but only after I find out where it goes.) I have three parts of a story that might end up being a five-part story (With no expectation of Jason actually accepting it.). A couple or three characters of mine appear again in stories, and a couple of stories involve items I've written for sourcebooks. Plenty to look forward to.

And the Star League era. . . Herb Beas, the closest thing Battletech has to a god, said in the last BattleChat that the Star League era was "Boring". I take that a challenge, and will look into writing stories set in that wera that are NOT boring..

That's it for now. See you next time!

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