Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Battletech Writing Goals for 2013

As 2012 comes to an end, it is time to look ahead to the new year, and the goals. This is my first public goal-setting blog post, as this blog is less than a year old. I’ve decided to do this as a way to force myself to work to reach these goals.

Reviewing 2012, I find that while I did have success, my fiction writing for Battlecorps wasn’t as successful. I have a number of scenarios and unit/stable reports published but no stories as of this writing. (Though I do have a couple of stories that will be published soon, but I have no idea when) I did see my work published in Total Chaos, FM:SLDF, and IP3, and I did contributed to the Total Warfare Companion and RS:3067. I also fact-checked maybe half the products that were published by CGL this year.

So, here are my goals for my Battletech writing for 2013:

1) Have a minimum of six Battlecorps stories published before the end of the year.
2) Write at least one story in each of the Battletech’s six eras (Star League, Successor Wars, Clan Invasion, Civil War, Jihad, Dark Age).
3) Pitch for a Blitzkrieg short novel.
4) Write in at least four Battletech products in 2013.
5) Write four to six blog posts a month on the subject of being a Battletech writer.

So, those are my writing goals in the Battletech Universe for 2013.

Too much or too little?



  1. Not knowing what else you are trying to accomplish this year makes it tough to say if it's too much or too little, but my inclination is to say it's too much. Worthwhile, but you may be shooting too high.

    1. for my original writing goals for 2013. Maybe I'm shooting too high, but if not now, when?


  2. I like it! I hope to submit one story this year. I have 3 started, though only two that I really "feel". Good luck, sir!