Sunday, June 23, 2013

Updates on Submissions

This morning, I found four emails in my mailbox from Jason on the four BattleCorps stories I submitted in the last month. It's a mixed bag -- One's been accepted for publication, one's been rejected, and the other two are still up in the air. I wrote an email on one of the two up in the air, while I won't hear a final decision on the other one until the end of July, after the fact-checkers go through it.

I have mixed feelings on the results. I'm pleased that one was accepted, but that joy is offset by the disappointment about the one was rejected. As for the other two, more waiting.....

For anyone reading this, you can take two things from it: First, just because I've written nearly two dozen stories for Battlecorps, that doesn't give me a free pass on any story I send in. My stories are subject to the same criteria as a new author's.

Second, your author's skin has to be as tough as 'Mech armor. Not every story is going to make it -- in fact, I could end up with three out of the four stories I sent in being rejected. That doesn't mean I send a hate-filled Email to Jason, and stomp off into the night, and never being heard from again. It means I need to get back to work and write more stories.

That is the way of the Writer. Rejection is part of the Way. If you can't accept that, then you will never be a writer of any sort.

As for the rejected story, Jason didn't say there was anything wrong with it per say, but it came down to a choice between this story and another, and he liked the other one better. Maybe it was just that they came in close together -- had I sent it six months from now, who knows?

That's it for now. I'll let you know what happens with the other two when I hear about it.



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