Friday, March 21, 2014

Just a Short Note Tonight....

The work of the Valiant RPG continues on, but I'm spending a lot of time trying to run down anything I can use. The 90's series is a no-go -- the company rebooted their universe when they started up in 2011, so they want the RPG to reflect the reboot. Understandable, but I have to go over all the new stuff the characters I'm responsible for with a fine tooth comb, looking for anything I can use. Not easy.

BTW, I opened a thread on the official Battletech forum called "What to ask a Battletech Writer Something?",38114.0.html If you want to ask me anything, you can go there, ask the question, and I'll answer it (Within reason). All the Q&A will become future blog posts!

That's all. It's late and I have a character who needs some defining....


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