Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Back to Work!

Last week was a wash -- only about a thousand words of Battletech written. But I'm over the initial shock of Rob's death, and I've thrown myself back into my writing. I started three more stories for Battlecorps, feeling I had to start with something that was going to keep my mind occupied. It seems to be working, as I've already written more words so far this week as I had all of last week.

I've started a third Gazael story. I keep finding excuses to use the Precentor, despite being a member of the most hated faction in Battletech history, the Manei Domini. It's a bit of a challenge finding ways to keep him interesting.

I've also started another story, which, if i ever complete it, will be the earliest in the Battletech timeline I've ever written. It's based on an incident mentioned in both edition of one of the state handbooks, but no one's done any writing in that area. Which means research....

The last story is a personal one. I mentioned in my last entry that I had requested that Rob's design, the Rattlesnake, be given canon status. I've been told that Randall has approved it, and will be appearing in an upcoming product. I plan on writing this story as a tribute to my friend, and bring the Rattlesnake into the official ranks of canon with a bang.

But I have so many stories that I need to finish. We'll see what I can get moving.

Now, I need to go write.....


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