Saturday, May 9, 2015

Stories status and Thoughts About a Writing Experiment

Well, I've gotten some feedback on Story #1 from the workgroup, and I'll be looking into those suggestions and making needed changes. As for Story #2, that has gone from 10,700 words down to 8,900 words, and will be cut a little more before turning it over to the workgroup, hopefully, in the next day or so. I haven't done anything with the other three stories yet, But as soon as I make the changes to #1 and upload #2, I'll start looking at those stories.

I've been batting this idea --- this experiment I mentioned in the title --- around in my head for a while. I've been thinking about blogging about a Battlecorps story I would write, from the start, from idea to final draft. detailing problems I come across in writing the story and my solutions. It wouldn't be a detailed description of the plot or the ending -- I have to leave something for you to read if/when it comes out on Battlecorps.

Instead, I would talk about how I came up with the story title, the time and place the story occurs and why I chose that time and location. I would discuss something about the characters I create for the story (I think first-time characters, so as to show my thought process in creating the character). I'd show you what goes into choosing what 'Mechs to use (if the story calls for them). In short, I want to show you the reader how I write a Battlecorps story, from start to finish.

If Jason buys it, you'll be able to read on the Battlecorps site one day. If he rejects it, depending on the story, I may serialize it on this blog, so you can see what I wrote. But I hope that if you read along, you can see what it takes to write for Battletech and try it yourself.

That's all tonight. Time to head for bed!



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