Friday, July 17, 2015


Well, not much is happening at the moment with the Battletech writing, as most of my efforts have been thrown behind getting this non-BT novel done. That's about two-thirds done.

But there is some things going on with my Battletech writing. My story for the HONOR BOUND anthology should be published in the next couple of weeks. I have submitted another story for a second anthology Jason put the call out for. Let's see if he accepts it for the anthology. When I'm not working on the novel I mentioned above, I'm rewriting a story that had some negative feedback from the writer's group. Hopefully, this will make it a much stronger story.

I have yet to hear back about a third story I submitted to Battlecorps, hopefully I'll get an answer before the end of the month. I have not heard anything about the annual Battlecorps print anthology. And no one has asked if I'm interested in writing for the (re)new Battletech Novel line (For the record, I am interested, but not until after I finish this other novel).

So, it's summer.

Talk to you later!


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