Friday, February 21, 2014

A Time of War Character (Number 3)

I found this character hanging around not doing much of anything, so I thought I would post this. For the record, these aren't official ATOW characters, nor do they have the approval of Catalyst Game Labs. I'm posting it as a chance to give those who lay AToW something they can use.

Concept: Federated Suns Military Intelligence Analyst

Major Nathan Killian is one of the senior MIIO analyst in the Drconis March. Born on Doneval II, he’s a graduate of NAIS, specializing in intelligence. After a three year undercover mission, he has spent most of his career gleaming data from MIIO agents both on the border and inside Combine space. He has no love for the Combine, but has learned to understand the enemy's culture in order to be more attuned to the DCMS’ way of thinking. His interest in history has given him insight into the Combine’s future actions.

He is never far from his noteputer, and while he isn't the most skilled soldier in the AFFS, he is a solider and he can still fight.

Name: Nathan Killian
Age: 35
Height: 180cm        
Weight: 83kg 
Hair: Aubrun 
Eyes: Gray
Affiliation: Federated Suns

Attributes      Link         Movement(Meters Per Turn)
STR 4            +0            Walk 8     Climb 5
BOD 4            +0            Run 19     Crawl 2
RFL 4            +0            Sprint 38  Swim 9
DEX 6            +0 
INT 6            +0 
WIL 5            +0 
CHA 4            +0 
EDG 5            +0 

Traits                    Rules     Traits                    Rules
Alternate ID (1)           p. 108    Natural Apt./Strategy(3)p. 121
Combat Sense (4)           p. 110    Rank (O4)               p. 123
Connections (4)            p. 111    Sixth sense (4)         p. 125
Enemy (-3)                 p. 113    Vehicle (1)             p. 128
Fast Learner (3)           p. 117    Wealth (4)              p. 128
Fit                        p. 117  
In for Life(-3)            p. 120  

Skills                                 TN/C    Level
Acting                      CHA        8/CB     +1
Administration            INT+WIL      7/SB     +4
Art/Writing                 DEX        8/CB     +1
Career/Military Scientist   INT        7/SB     +3
Career/Soldier              INT        7/SB     +4
Climbing                    DEX        7/SB     +1
Computers                 DEX+INT      9/CA     +6 
Cryptology                INT+WIL      9/CA     +2
Driving/Ground Vehicles   RFL+DEX      8/SA     +2
Interest/Combine Culture* INT+WIL      9/CA     +7
Interest/Fed Suns History*INT+WIL      9/CA     +4
Interest/Terran History*  INT+WIL      9/CA     +6
Interest/Star League Hist.  INT        8/SB     +3
Interest/Military History*INT+WIL      9/CA     +4
Interrogation             WIL+CHA      9/CA     +1
Investigation             INT+WIL      9/CA     +3
Language/English          INT+CHA      8/SA     +3    
Language/Japanese         INT+CHA      8/SA     +3
Language/Swedeneese       INT+CHA      8/SA     +3
Leadership                WIL+CHA      8/SA     +4
Martial Arts                RFL        7/SB     +3
Medtech                     INT        7/SB     +1
Melee Weapons               DEX        7/SB     +1
Navigation/Ground           INT        7/SB     +3  
Perception                  INT        7/SB     +4
Protocol/Federated Suns   WIL+CHA      9/CA     +5
Protocol/Draconis Combine WIL+CHA      9/CA     +3
Running                     RFL        7/SB     +1  
Science/Physics           INT+WIL      9/CA     +2 
Security Sys./Mechanical  DEX+INT      9/CA     +2
Sensor Operations         INT+WIL      8/SA     +3
Small Arms                  DEX        7/SB     +3
Strategy                  INT+WIL      9/CA     +3
Streetwise/Fed Suns         CHA        8/CB     +1
Survival/Forest           BOD+INT      9/CA     +3
Swimming                    STR        7/SB     +2
Tactics/Land              INT+WIL      9/CA     +2
Technician/Electronic     DEX+INT      9/CA     +2
Training                  INT+CHA      9/CA     +4
*Advance tier

Equipment            Cost           Weight       Stats
Autopistol              50           500g       see p. 265
Reloads/pistol(2)        4           280g       see p. 265
Fatigues                30           .5kg       see p. 299
Work Boots              36          1.7kg       see p. 299
Military Communicator   50           100g       see p. 301
Micro-recorder         100           150g       see p. 302
Audio/audio-video chip(5)5            35g       see p. 302
Noteputer              500           500g       see p. 303
Jeep                 6,000                      see p. 324


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