Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Favorite Five Mechs from TRO: 2750

Sarna.net posted their favorite four 'Mechs from TRO:2750, (http://www.sarna.net/news/your-five-favorite-mechs-from-2750/). To stay consistent, I will name my favorite FIVE 'Mechs from the the TRO.

My copy of TRO 2750 is beat up and barely holding together, but it's still intact and it's a fun trip down memory lane every so often. I have this book for twenty-five years now, and I still like it.

So from lightest to heaviest, my five favorite TRO 2750 'Mechs: (Images are from the TRO:2750, via Sarna.net and FASA/Catalysis Games Labs. The images are not mine, nor do I have any claim on them.)


A fast-moving 'Mech with a decent amount of firepower and maxed armor for its size. With it's (brand new) Beagle Active Probe, this is the first real combat effective scout Battletech offers (The Ostscout, in it's original config, has no weapons).


Moves as fast as a 'Mech a third of it's weight, this 'Mech has enough firepower to to be noticed. The only real change I'd make to it is to replace the AMS unit with an extra ton and a half of armor. Still, with the changes made to the AMS rules (One shot of AMS ammo per missiles swarm and not the old "1D6x2"), I could run this on a board as is.


Another nice design. Could use more armor, but it does have CASE and a regular engine, so this design can fight on a lot longer than more designs of it's weight. I also like the look of the design -- it looks solid and menacing.


It's easy to call this a "Poor man's Awesome," but it isn't. For one thing, it's a lot faster than the Awesome, despite being only five tons lighter, and can run and fire it's three main weapons without overheating. It's armor is pretty close to max. It's close-in firepower is equal to some assault 'Mechs.


One of my favorites from any TRO. Max armor, with both strong long-range and short range firepower. And I LOVE the idea of a 'Mech who has a tactic named after it -- the "Highlander Burial". Not many 'Mechs can do 27 points of damage (in five point clusters, on the punch table). A tough customer, one that's nasty in any of it's variants.

Those are my five. What are your five? comment below or over at Sarna.net.



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