Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Honor Code: Stories of the Draconis Combine Anthology

The final House Book, House Book: House Kurita has finally been published in both PDF and hard copy (Anyone going to Origins will be able to buy a copy --- that where the picture above is from). To celebrate the publication of the final House Book, Jason Schmitzer, Battlecorps' editor, has commissioned an anthology of Combine-centric stories. Below is a quote from the announcement:
Honor Code: Stories of the Draconis Combine is a group of stories that all celebrate those central themes of honor, dignity and duty that epitomize the realm of House Kurita.
There are nine stories in the anthology, all by veteran Battlecorps writers (including yours truly). The list isn't in any order, so I have no idea when my story (or any other beyond the first two) will be published. The stories are:

“The Face of the Enemy.” by Philip A. Lee (Already Published) 
“Broken Brotherhood.” by Chris Hussey (Soon to be Published)
“Harvest of Deception,” by Kevin Killiany
“A Moment of Honesty” by Jason Hansa
“Karma” by Chris Hartford
“Risk of Honor” by David G. Martin
“A Warrior’s Fear” by Craig A. Reed, Jr.
“Lady of Steel” by Alan Brundage
“Family Honor” by Dylan Birtolo

I assume that once all the stories have been published on Battlecorps, they'll be bundled together and put out on Amazon for purchase. When I find out when, I'll let you know.

Now, back to writing!



  1. Huzzar! It's coming out in dead tree form. thanks for giving us a heads up!!!

  2. I have no idea if it's going to be in Dead Tree Form....I'm certain that it'll be an Ebook, but not so certain it'll be a DFT format.....