Thursday, October 8, 2015

A few photos of my Battletech stuff

For the second weekly "Bonus Backer Missions" for the Battletech Kickstarter, Harebrain schemes wants BT fans to tweet photos of their Battletech collection (using the hashtag, #myBTstuff). As someone who is a writer and fan of the gaming universe, I have a large collection of Battletech stuff. So, I took a few photos and here is some of my collection.

The above picture is some of the smaller stuff I have, a few faction dice some pins I've collected at conventions, and three custom-made buttons I've had for.....maybe 20-25 years? A long time in any case.

Of course, I have my novel collection. It's almost complete, but I can't find a couple of them for some reason, ones I know I had at one time. There's another ten or so BT novels on the shelf above, but they're outnumbered by my Doc Savage and Doctor Who novels. I also have the first four Battlecorps anthologies and the new Battletech novel Embers of War on another shelf, one that is closer to me than these are.

I also have two shelves' worth of source and rule books shelved right next to the computer, but the pictures for them didn't turn out so great, so for now, I'll leave them out of the photo spread.
I have these hanging up in my room. The middle one is the original BattleMaster, with the Loki on the left and the Vulture on the right. At the extreme left, you can just see the Thor blueprint.

I should have them in frames, but we had a lamanator, and that was cheaper and the time. Wouldn't had done it  today, but this was a long, LONG time ago, when the game was maybe a third of it's age. I have the rest of the blueprints in my closet -- the lack of wall space is the only reason why they are not up.

This is my own "trophy hall", displaying the title pages of some of the stories I've done for Battlecorps, except for the one in the upper left-hand corner. That's one of my two issues of Battletechnology Issue #21, special to me because it contains mine and my late friend, Rob Madson's, first real contribution to the Battletech Universe (The SurbanMech design in Issue #18 was also ours, but it was only a design). The Rattlesnake 'Mech, the story Snakedance, and the scenario, Snake, Rattle and Roll.

I've never played MechWarrior ClickTech game, but I did collect the figures, and put the BattleMechs from the boosters I bought on display. I have about 40-50 of them on display.

The large Axman in the back there is the only thing I ever bought that's connected from the Battletech cartoon series. I still have everything except for one of the soft "missiles" for the left launcher. It still works, but it stays up there most of the time, keeping Grimlock there from chowing down on the other 'Mechs.... :)
The second part of my figures collection is on my computer table, just about the monitor I'm using right now. I really didn't know the stats for any of these until I saw them in the Dark-Age TROs. Every so often, when I'm writing, I take one of the pieces and play around with it , seeing if I can gleam something about it that I can put into a story.

I also have other things I have't taken photos of. Maybe if the mood strikes me, I'll haul out the camera again and take a few more pictures.  This isn't my entire collection of BT stuff. Sadly, most of the stuff I've gotten in the last few years has been PDF files and writer copies of products I've written for, and the last non-paper product I bought was the minis inside the older starter set several years ago. But while my collection is nowhere near Randall's or Jordan's, it's still a good collection.

So, if you have some BT stuff, take a picture of it and tweet it, using #myBTstuff and #Battletech. I plan to do the same thing when I finish this blog post -- I'll tweet it.

Well, back to work and keep funding the kickstarter, if you can!



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  1. Excellent. It is great to see so many people have just as much BattleTech odds and ends as I do.