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An experiment -- AToW character of the week

 I want to do something a little different than just babble on about writing for Battletech....So, here is the first thing. Below is a Character for the Battletech RPG, A Time of War (AToW). A generic character (Sort of) to use in games either as a PC or NPC. Each one will have a concept, a general background, and his/her AToW stats. I am still working out the details of the undea, so these characters might not show up every week You will need the Time of War rulebook.

TOW Character of the Week

Concept: Capellan Sniper

San-ben-bing Shin is a sniper in one of the Home Guard regiments. He grew up in the back woods, learning to hunt at an early age. When he went to basic training, he impressed his instructors with his shooting. After basic, he spent two years in the Home Guards, then sent to Sniper school, where he was teaching the instructors as much as they were teaching him. He graduated and was assigned to the scout-sniper platoon. He is considered the platoon’s best sniper.

On a mission, Shin is a careful, patient soldier who uses his skills to approach the area, find the best sniper position, and wait for his target. He will stay in place as long as he needs to, regardless of the weather. He prefers to operate alone.

Off-duty, Shin is a loner, with no close friends. He always sits with his back to a wall, and avoids standing in front of a window. Despite this, it is expected that Shin will be promoted to Si-ben-bing and assigned to the local Regional Training Center (RTC) to train more snipers.

Name: Rolan Shin
Affiliation: Capelan Confederation

        Score Link        Movement (Meters Per Turn)
STR       6     +0           Walk 11      Climb 10
BOD       5     +0           Run 22       Crawl 3
RFL       5     +0           Sprint 44    Swim 15 
DEX       5     +0 
INT       5     +0 
WIL       6     +0 
CHA       4     +0 
EDG       4     +0
Traits                   Rules      Traits           Rules 
Animal Empathy (1)       p. 108     Good Hearing (1) p. 118
Bloodmark (-2)           p. 109     In for Life (-3) p. 120
Citizenship (2)          p. 109     Introvert (-1)   p. 121
Combat Sense (4)         p. 110     Patient (1)      p. 121
Compulsion/Paranoid (-1) p. 110     Rank (2)         p. 123
Connections (3)          p. 111     Sixth Sense (4)  p. 125
Enemy (-4)               p. 113     Toughness (3)    p. 127
Fit (2)                  p. 117

Skills                      Links     TN/C   Level
Acrobatics/Free fall        RFL       7/SB    +2
Acting                      CHA       8/CB    +1
Animal Handling/Riding      WIL       7/SB    +1
Artillery                   INT+WIL   8/SA    +1
Career/Soldier              INT       7/SB    +3
Climbing                    DEX       7/SB    +4
Comm./Conventional          INT       7/SB    +1
Computers                   INT       8/CB    +2
Demolitions                 DEX+INT   9/CA    +4
Disguise                    CHA       7/CB    +1
Driving/Ground Vehicles     RFL+DEX   8/SA    +2
Escape Artist               STR+DEX   9/CA    +2
Interrogation               WIL+CHA   9/CA    +3
Investigation               INT+WIL   9/CA    +1
Language/Cantonese          INT+CHA   8/SA    +1 
Language/English            INT+CHA   8/SA    +1
Language/Mandarin           INT+CHA   8/SA    +2
Leadership                  WIL+CHA   8/SA    +4
Martial Arts*               RFL+DEX   8/SA    +4
Meditech                    INT       7/SB    +0
Melee Weapons               DEX       7/SB    +2
Navigation/Ground           INT       7/SB    +1
Negotiation                 CHA       8/CB    +0
Perception                  INT       7/SB    +5
Prestidigitation/Quickdraw  DEX       7/SB    +2
Protocol/Capellan Confed.   WIL+CHA   9/CA    +2
Running                     RFL       7/SB    +1 
Science/Chemistry           INT+WIL   9/CA    +1
Security Systems/Mechanical DEX+INT   9/CA    +1
Small Arms (Rifle)          DEX       7/SB   +8(+1)
Stealth                     RFL+INT   8/SA    +5 
Streetwise/Capellan         CHA       8/CB    +2
Support Weapons             DEX       7/SB    +2
Survival/Arctic             BOD+INT   9/CA    +2
Survival/Forest             BOD+INT   9/CA    +3
Survival/Mountain           BOD+INT   9/CA    +3
Swimming                    STR       7/SB    +3
Tactics/Infantry            INT+WIL   9/CA    +3
Thrown Weapons/Blades       DEX       7/SB    +0
Tracking/Wilds              INT+WIL   8/SA    +4

Equipment                Cost           Weight      Stats
Minolta 9000             1,000          6.0kg       see p. 266
Reloads/Minolta 9000 (3)    15           .36kg      see p. 266
Autopistol                  50           .5kg       see p. 265
Reload/Autopistol (2)        4           .28kg      see p. 265
Knife                        8           .25kg      see p. 261
Helmet (Capellan)          200          2.0kg       see p. 292
Suit (Capellan)            200          4.5kg       see p. 292
Boots (Capellan)            48          2.0kg       see p. 292
Load-Bearing Vest           20           .4kg       see p. 290
Rangefinder Binoculars     200           .5kg       see p. 304
Basic Field Kit             10          5.0kg       see p. 312
Climbing/Repelling Kit     150         10.3kg       see p. 312
Medical Kit                 10           .25kg      see p. 313


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