Sunday, January 29, 2012

Promoting Other Battletech Websites

There is a great community of Battletech players. Most of the time we can be found on the official Battletech forum,, Lords of the Battlefield, and others. What I want to do today is highlight a couple of Battletech fan websites I like. I have plenty of them on my links list, so I’ll be doling them out over the coming months. Arbitrations Studios, home of the only currently regularly broadcast Battletech podcast that I know of. Hosted by JP Arbitrator, his lovely wife, Mrs. Arbitrator and the always volatile and unpredictable High-Test, they talk about Battletech issues, have an interview or product review, and try a few other things. It’s still a work in progress as it tries to find the balance between information and entailment, but it’s clearly a labor of love, and I love listening to it. (September of 2011 has an interview with me – then you know why I write and not podcast!)  Battletech, after twenty-five plus years, has a mass of people, places, events, units, BattleMechs, vehicles of all types, and enough data to make one’s head spin. The  Battletechwiki is the place to go to find answers. A team of dedicated battletech fans go through all the data, pulls out things relatuing to one subject, writes it up and posts it. you can learn about one planet, one character, or one BattleMech, with all known variants. I have used it more than once as a place to reference things I needed for a story. It’s also a place one can easily lose themselves in, if they’re nor careful. Scrapyard Armory is a blog like this one, but he is a painter and has some beautiful shots of some of his minis, reviews of products, and reports for conventions. In addition, he has a few home-made Battletech projects like The Chaos campaign: Pirate’s Haven and Chaos Campaign: War of 3090, both based on the track system for the Chaos campaign system that are free to download and use in your own campaigns. Worth a look.

If you like these sites, let the people who run them know. If you don’t, let them know. I’ll have more of these places to see in other columns, so if you have one, let me know!



  1. Hey thanks for the mention!

    Always good to see another BattleTech blog pop up!

    1. Yoiu're welcomed! There can never be too many Battletech Blogs!! B)