Sunday, January 24, 2016

And Two More Away!

Earlier today, I e-mailed my first two Battlecorps story submissions of the year. One is a sequel to a previous Battlecorps story, while the other is in a Battletech era I haven't written in before. I have no idea how they'll be accepted, but there's no time to wait.

There are other stories in the pipeline -- one will be published soon, and three (including the two I sent today) I'm waiting word on. There's three more stories near completion, and that special project is near done.

As for behind the scenes --- it's been quiet as Catalyst takes a breath before diving into the New Year. Things are moving at the upper levels, but the freelancers will know when we're giving our marching orders. Right now, a bunch of the freelancers/staff are digging out from the 2+ feet of snow they had dumped on them, so they may be a few minor delays as they recover from shoveling a lot of snow. . .

It's a short post tonight, as it's close to 3am here, and I need to get some sleep.



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