Sunday, January 17, 2016

Swiming Upstream

I haven't blogged the last two weeks, because there isn't much I can say at the moment. A few things have happened behind the scenes that I can't go into detail about (Mostly because there are no detail to be had at the moment.)

On the personal BC front, the first C&C has come back on the three stories I sent to the workshop and I'm beginning to go over them. I don't want to rush them, as I want as much C&C as I can get on them before the final draft and submission. So, It's small steps on that front.

Most of my time since the last blog entry was spent working on another, related BT project (NOT a novel!) and beaten into shape. I'm just waiting on some minor detail and I'll start the process of submitting it.

Again, nothing new on the new Battletech novel front. Things must be happening, but they're going on at a level much higher that I have access to. Catalyst lets me know what I need to known, when I need to know it. I find out when things are published the same time as the fanbase does. I have no problem with this, because I don't need to know what's going on at the management level. I'm not management, I'm not making management decisions, and I have no say in the management of the company. I'm a freelancer --- I'm given an assignment, I complete it, and enjoy doing it. I then move onto the next assignment. Right now, my "Assignment" is to write more Battlecorps stories. If something comes up and I've a new assignment, I will do that.

It's a new year and the future is still unwritten. I will try to write some of it, and I hope you come along.



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