Friday, January 1, 2016

Gearing up for 2016

2015 was a bit of a wash for me when it came to Battlecorps stories -- only two published stories in the last twelve months. I do have a good excuse --- I was co-writing two techno-thriller novels for a large chunk of last year -- a combined 145,000 words between the two of them.

But now both of them are out of the way, it back to Battlecorps business. I've dusted off and revised three BC stories, which are now in the hands of the workshop and plan to do the same to two more completed first drafts. I have another story I'm waiting to be published, and just submitted another story before Christmas, so the ball is beginning to roll.

The goal, has it has been for the last several years, is to have six stories up on Battlecorps this year. One hopefully will be up before the end of the month, which leaves five to go. I am combing through my drafts, looking for ones that can be finished, or have a story seed I can use in another story. I will keep you apprised of my progress.

Nothing on the Battletech novel front. Most of that is happening way above my pay grade, and I will probably find out the same time you guys do. Being a Catalyst Freelance writer allows you a glimspe into what's going on behind the scenes, but rarely do you get the whole picture. And even if I did know what was happening,, NDA are in full effect.

Still, I have thrown a few BT novel pitches at the editor handling them, so we'll see if anything comes out of that. If not, we'll see if I can forge another novel idea. Until, it's Battlecorps stories and other stories not related to Battletech.

As I mentioned in my other blog, my goal is 5,000 original words a week, not words from rewriting, outlining, blogging, or anything other writing except story writing. Some will be Battlecorps writing, some of it won't, but the goal is 5,000 words a week MINIMUM.

To everyone out there, I leave you with this I wrote a while back and bring out this time of year.

To all those present, I give you a Toast!

May the coming year be full of joy and light,
May friendships and romance survive more then a night.
May you find strength, peace and health this coming year,
May no darkness, hate and sorrow fill your soul with tears.
May life grant you everything it can,
May you find the grace to help your fellow man.
With this toast I do say,
May this year be nothing but brighter days!


Stay well, everyone and let's hit 2016 as hard as we can!


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