Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Favorite Five Mechs from TRO: 3025

A blogger for Sarna.net posted a column on his five favorite battlemechs from the TRO: 3025. (the link is here: http://www.sarna.net/news/your-five-favorite-mechs-from-3025/ )

I've been playing Battletech for a long time and I have not one, but two copies of  TRO:3025. Looking back at those ’Mechs, before the Harmony Gold-FASA court case, the background, the notable pilots, all were grist for the mill of my imagination. No XL engines, Endosteel, or Ferro-fiberous armor to calculate or rely on. Both my copies are beat up, and one is falling apart, but I still have them both.

So, I thought I would post my favorite five ’Mechs from the first TRO. In order, from lightest to heaviest: (Images are from the TRO:3025, via Sarna.net and FASA/Catalysis Games Labs. The images are not mine, nor do I have any claim on them.)

1) Valkyrie

Valkyries are only one of three light ’Mechs in this TRO to have a long-range weapon, and is the fastest of the three. Well armored for its weight, Valkyries are good harassers and scout hunters, fast enough to stay ahead of most heavy and assaults, and able to damage lighter, faster ’Mechs.

2) Blackjack

I've always like the Blackjack, even with its anemic AC/2s. While it’s long-range damage is piddling, the Blackjack’s AC/2s do have the longest range of any 3025 battlefield weapon. It has more armor than the “sexier” Phoenix Hawk, and more close in firepower. I also liked the battle history, the fight on Xhosha VII is on my list of stories I would like to write one day.

3) Dervish

The Dervish is one of a trio of 55-ton, 5/8/5 ’Mechs in the 3025 TRO. I’ve always liked missile ’Mechs, and the Dervish carries a pair of LRM-10s to engage at long range, with pairs of medium laser and SRM-2s for close-in work. The only drawback is the Dervish has the lightest armor of the three. Again, I like the battle history, and I may one day, write the story of the “Whirling Dervishes.”

4) Thunderbolt

Along with the Awesome, Thunderbolts are Zombie ’Mechs — ’Mechs that can take an incredible amount of damage, and continue to fight. With weapons at all ranges, Thunderbolts are tough customers. I used them as anchors for the battle line, either in attack or defense. Plus they are mean-looking.

5) Victor

Sure, it’s a short-range ’Mech, but it can jump, plus that AC/20 commands respect from anyone on the battlefield. In cities or restricted terrain, Victors are at their best. It also has enough ammo for a long battle, and the AC/20's placement in the arm gives it a great field of fire. I wish it had more armor, but it has more than most 3025 ’Mechs, and on that battlefield, they are monsters.

So, what are your favorite five 3025 ’Mechs? Comment here or over on the Sarna.net website.



  1. For me: Panther, Swayback, Wolverine, Thud, Awesome. I went into a bit more detail in my blog post.

  2. Brings back memories; for me, Panther (big claws), Enforcer, Catapult, Marauder, Zeus (the varient with the PPC).