Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Status Update For January

Wow, writing four blog posts a week is harder than I thought....

Well, it’s only fair to keep anyone who reads this blog up top date on how the writing’s going. I’ll do these once a month or so, and here is this month’s. I'll keep them short and focused on stuff I'm actually working on.

I have one story nearly ready to submit, I just need to finish going through it and making minor changes. It’s a bit of an experimental piece in the way it’s structured, but if Jason accepts it (and that is a big ‘IF” — Jason will not hesitate to reject a story if he doesn't think will fit, and it doesn't matter how many stories of mine he’s accepted. He’s consistent in that.) then this could be the start of an ongoing series.

I've completed the first draft of the sequel to Operation Red Lion. I need to go back through it to cut out some of it, as it’s a bit too long. Once I've done that, I’ll send it to the work-group for their look over.

I've also started another two stories. One is a Gazael story, while the second is for a request Jason put out for stories based in a certain time period I’ll work on both, switching back and forward between the two of them (And maybe a third or fourth story) and try to get them done ASAP.

As I look over my spreadsheet with the list of stories, I see a dozen stories that I have at least started and almost four dozen story ideas waiting for me to get to them. So, I’m in good shape, I just need to bear down and get it done.


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