Friday, January 31, 2014

Upcoming.....My Battletech Fanfiction

I've decided that since I don't have a website for my Battletech fanfiction writing at this time, I'll use this blog instead. Starting next week, I'm going to posting those stories I've written. None of these are eligible for submitting to Battlecorps, as they've been published somewhere else (Mostly at the website), and most were written for fanfic competitions BTU held. They were all written before I started writing for Battlecorps, so they are several years old. I may, over the weekend, take them out and refreshing them bit  before I post them again.

In addition, I'll add author notes so you can understand my thinking when I wrote the story. I will use them to illustrate what writing Battletech fiction entails.

So, I'll start with "Operation Slipknot," set during the SLDF exodus from the Inner Sphere. I limit each post to a section of the story for ease of reading, so each story will take several posts to complete. I'll sprinkle them between other posts, as a way to keep things from becoming stale.

Until Tuesday!


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